What should I do before my spraytan?

Make sure you schedule all other spa treatments for before your spray tan, including facials, massages, waxing, and mani/pedis. If you choose to shave, you should do so beforehand, though not immediately before. 

EXFOLIATE!!! Exfoliating prior to your tan is one of the most important ways to help your tan last and look its best. The best advice for every guest is to exfoliate your entire body the day/evening before or first thing in the morning if your treatment is later that evening, shaving earlier in the day and rinsing with ice cold water, as that will close your pores, making sure the tan doesn’t get caught in there and appear as little brown dots. We also advise that you use new razor blades, to avoid having your tan fade unevenly.

Remember not to wear anything on your skin for your tanning appointment. Avoid wearing any perfume, creams, lotions, deodorant, and make-up to your spray tan appointment, a clean canvas is always best. Our Hottest Tip is to book a Hydration Station session before your spray tan. This balances the PH of your skin and allows the spray tan to apply evenly and beautifully. 

What should I expect during my spraytan?

A Bronze Baxx spraytan is all about your comfort level. You can go commando absolutely and have no tan lines or if you want you can choose to wear our disposable underwear or for a chic tan line you can keep your tiny undergarments on and ensure that underwear is placed how you like it.  Just be aware self-tan can stain silk and some dry clean only fabrics.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Whether that’s a bikini, some underwear, or going fully nude, we support whatever choice you make. 


You need to be very careful after your spray tan, you need to dress for the weather as any stray drop of rain can do damage. Your tan can take up to twelve hours to develop, so while your tan is developing you should completely avoid getting wet. This includes sweating, swimming, showering and/or getting caught in the rain. You also need to arrive in loose dark clothing. Avoid tight clothing for the 12 hours post spray, especially pants with inseams such as jeans and some leggings, as well as tight cuffed pants/sweatpants, etc. You should also avoid waxes and body treatments, such as facials or massages, afterwards as that can effect the outcome of your tan.

If you choose to sleep before rinsing, it’s important to wear long, dark clothing so, should you sweat any of your tan off, it will go onto your pajamas, not your sheets. However, many tan marks will just rinse off with a little soap and water.

For those who work out frequently, you might want to exfoliate your body every couple of days and certainly moisturize everyday to ensure your tan is even and looks flawless.

If you’re tanning in preparation for an event, we recommend getting your spray 1 to 2 days before. That way, the colour can fully set in before the special day!

How long will my tan last?

Maintenance matters & Fade Happens. It should last anywhere from six to twelve days. Your face and hands will last an even shorter amount of time, since you’re (hopefully) washing them more frequently. You can try our rose facial mist gradual tanning water in the evenings to keep that glow up (yes it works on hands too)

Take lukewarm showers, nothing too hot, with a Hemp Nation body wash, pat dry when you get out, drink lots of water so you can keep skin hydrated on the outside as well as from the inside!

Apply our professional tan extenders on a daily basis to lock in your tan. Don’t go with a drugstore “dry skin” lotion, it will not help you here in Bronze Goddess Land! You need to use a lotion daily that is made for a TAN, and also that will ensure the even fade of your tan. Hemp nation is the answer!

Fade happens, sadly.

Spray tans fade and the bomb.com you felt on day 1 goes away slowly around day 7-10! But you can extend it! Grab a bottle of Minetan in your shade or a can of Versaspray at Baxx and easily level up your legs/arms/stomach in 10 minutes to get a few extra days from your spray tan !

Will it make me look orange?

The days of orange and unnatural looking spray tans are mostly a thing of the past, thanks to advances in spray tanning technology. In most cases, “orange” spray tans are the results of applying too much spray or using a sub-par spray solution. Our highly trained spray tan technicians can help ensure this doesn’t happen, and help you find the right colour to match your skin tone and desired look.