At Bronze Baxx we offer more than just tanning beds, we offer a complete luxury experience featuring high-end technology, incredible ambience and top tier treatment from our friendly Smart Tan® certified experts. Relax and enjoy a rejuvenating tanning session that will have you looking and feeling great.

We offer three levels of beds, plus the flexibility to choose the tanning option that works best for you. That means that you can start at Level 5, even if you’ve never tanned before. Your Bronze Baxx tanning tech will be happy to help you choose a bed that meets your personal needs and tanning goals.

Fast and stunning results, with luxury features for the ultimate in comfort and coverage.
10-12 minutes max.

UWE P90 level 5

An open design for non-claustrophobic tanning, plus contoured acrylics for added comfort.
15 minutes max.

Ergoline 550 llevel 4

Stand-up beds that are the perfect option if you’re looking to even out your tan lines.
10 minutes max.

Suncapsule 220

Pro Tanning Tips

Our Smart Tan® certified staff work with you to ensure you get the best look and experience. Here are a few other things we recommend before, during and after your visit with us.

Start 6 Weeks Before a Trip

This will require an average of 3 sessions per week, but will allow you to build up a proper base tan before you leave for vacation

Use Our Hydration Station™

This will cleanse and hydrate your skin and allow you to get a deeper, darker tan

Use Indoor Tanning Lotion

We offer a range of salon-calibre lotions to help your tan look better and last longer

Use a Tan Extender

Our professional tan extender lotions nourish and moisturize your skin to help extend the life of your tan

The Benefits of Indoor Tanning

The technology behind indoor tanning has improved dramatically over the years, offering more effective tanning that allows you to get stunning, radiant skin, as well as a number of health benefits:

  • Increased Vitamin D: Vitamin D – an essential nutrient for your body’s overall health – is produced naturally by the sun and the UV rays found in our tanning beds.
  • Prevents Sunburns: A base UV tan not only looks great, but can also help prevent sunburns when you’re outdoors or on vacation.
  • Improved Mood: Studies have found a direct link between exposure to UV rays and an increase in positive emotions, particularly during the winter months.

To learn more about the benefits of indoor tanning, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Benefits of indoor tanning

*NEW* Ergoline Opensun 1050 (Level 5)

Get Bronze NOW! Up to 4 shades darker in 1 Session!
Voted the Worlds  “Best High Pressure” Tanning Bed!
  • 30 High Pressure Tanning Lamps 360 degrees creates an Even, full-body Bronze
  • Open – Air, Non Claustrophobic Design
  • Voice Guidance, Adjustable Body Fans and Facial Lamps
Available at our 4st Location!

Starting at $2.30/minute – 12 Minutes Maximum

* NEW* KBL Alpha 7900 with Red Light Therapy! (level 5)

The Ultimate Luxury Tanning Bed! Alberta’s First and Only Red Light/UV all in One Session!
*NEW* Red Light Therapy Facial Tanners!
Red Light therapy improves Skin Hydration and Skin Revitalization to drastically reduce appearance of Fine lines and scars when used 3 times/ week for 1 month
  • The “Bentley” of tanning beds. The world’s highest end luxury tanning unit
  • Features 3 adjustable custom settings: Caribbean, Mediterranean or Basic, to control UV intensity based on your natural skin tone
  • The ultimate in luxury, with MP3 hook up, water misters, shoulder tanners, adjustable facial lamps and built-in air-conditioning

Available at our 4st Location!

Starting at $2.30/minute – 10 Minutes Maximum

KBL 6800 Level 5

KBL 6800 (Level 5)

  • A state of the art, Luxury Tanning bed, the KBL Alpha 6800 offers the experience of a down-south vacation with the convenience of a 10 minute session.
  • Features 3 adjustable custom settings: Caribbean, Mediterranean or Basic, to control UV intensity based on your natural skin tone
  • The ultimate in luxury, with MP3 hook up, water misters, shoulder tanners, adjustable facial lamps and built-in air-conditioning
Available at 4st, Shawnessy & Airdrie Studios

Starting at $2.30/minute – 10 Minutes Maximum

UWE P90 (Level 5)

  • The perfect tanning bed to use before vacations, weddings or special events, offering fast and stunning results
  • High pressure UVA lights that allow you to get up to 3 shades darker in one session, with a tan that lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Features all the latest luxuries, including MP3 hook up, water mister, shoulder tanners, adjustable facial lamps, and intense cooling fans.
  • For optimal results, we recommend a minimum of 2 sessions in another tanning bed prior to using the P90

Available at Sirocco Drive, Airdrie & Mckenzie Towne Studios

Starting at $2.30/minute – 12 Minutes Maximum

UWE P90 level 5
UWE IBED Level 5

UWE IBED (Level 5)

  • The perfect bed if you have a hard time tanning or want colour now, offering quick tanning results
  • High-end UVB lights allow you to build your base and see colour in as little as 2 to 3 sessions
  • Enjoy all the latest luxuries, including MP3 hook ups, water mister, shoulder tanners, 11 rotating facial lamps and air-conditioning

Available at all 5 Studios

Starting at $2.30/minute – 12 Minutes Maximum

ERGOLINE 550 (Level 4)

  • Perfect if you feel claustrophobic or are looking for a more open tanning experience
  • Contoured acrylics offer added comfort and relaxation and help reduce noticeable pressure points on shoulder blades and tail bones
  • Features cool and comforting air conditioning, plus adjustable facial lamps for a perfect tanned complexion

Available at Sirocco Drive Studio

Starting at $1.30/minute- 15 Minutes Maximum

Ergoline 550 llevel 4
Suncapsule 220

Suncapsule 220
Stand-Up Tanning Bed (Level 3)

  • The ultimate tanning bed for evening out tan lines or breaking through tanning plateaus if your looking for a darker tone
  • High-end UV lights offer a complete tan that’s 100% even
  • For optimal colour results on your legs, we recommend alternating your stand-up tanning sessions with a lay down bed

Available at all 5 studios

Starting at $1.10/minute – 10 Minutes Maximum

Tanning Essentials

At Bronze Baxx, our knowledgeable, Smart Tan® certified staff can help you find the right essentials to get the most out of your tan.


Protective eyewear is mandatory at Bronze Baxx. We carry Oogles brand eyewear, which is specifically designed for the tanning industry and offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Tan Extending Lotion:

Tan extending lotions not only protect your tan, but can also help restore vitamins to your skin after each session, ensuring your tan looks great and lasts longer.

Did You Know?

Tanning lotions purchased online or from general retailers often contain sub-par ingredients that may actually damage your tan. Be sure to use only professional, salon-calibre tanning lotions. Speak with your Bronze Baxx tan professional to find the right lotion for your needs.

Tan Accelerating Lotion:

Using a salon-calibre tan accelerating lotion will help ensure your tan looks great. We offer four unique products from New Sunshine, the industry’s most trusted creator of indoor tanning lotions. These products are not available online and can only be found at high-end tanning salons:

tan accelerating lotionAustralian Gold®:
A custom blend of antioxidants, plant extracts and premium moisturizers for longer lasting tans and nourished, healthy skin.

Swedish Beauty®: Featuring 95% natural ingredients free of silicones, glutens and parabens. The perfect choice for sensitive-skinned tanners.

California Tan®: Infused with superior tanning and skin care ingredients that are ultra hydrating and scientifically proven to deliver optimal results.

Designer Skin®: Created with quality ingredients and a cutting edge tanning formula that leaves skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.