Welcome to Your Self-Care Headquarters!
At Bronze Baxx we are dedicated to providing a true self-care experience using only the best sunbeds, spraytans and cutting edge wellness technology.

Please watch this video below to learn all about Bronze Baxx!

If you are a new guest, or if you have not been back to Bronze Baxx since March 2020, please fill out this waiver, prior to visiting the studio.


The Best way to experience all Bronze Baxx has to offer, and to enhance your daily life, is by joining on an all access pass!

Why Sign Up on A Pass?

The Passes are FULL of Value, the minimum use needed to take full advantage of the pass is only 3 times per month – meaning if you only come 3 time and use your pass, it is worth it compared to paying per session! 

Each pass gives you access to all 7 Bronze Baxx Locations! This gives you access to many available appointment options!

Passes give you your choice of Daily access to Sunbeds, Saunas, Lymphatic Massage, Hydration Stations and Spraytans! You also receive Special VIP pricing on all products and additional services like Teeth Whitening and Cryotherapy!

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, all passes are 3 month minimum. The passes are a continual program, once the initial 3 months in completed, it will continue until you cancel or hold. If the passes are not an option for a minimum of three months for you, we have many single session options for all services!

Are you ready to sign up and wondering what to do now?

#1 Ensure you sign the New Client Waiver before moving onto the agreement

#2 Fill out the All Access Pass Agreement Form selecting your Pass, and entering your desired payment information for your pass.


This agreement is only an agreement, and will be for all future payments.

You will need to pay for your first Month on your first visit in the studio.

If you decide to upgrade your pass at a later date, that is wonderful – however you will be required to stay on that new level for a minimum of 3 months. 

#3 Book your first appointment by clicking below

Please remember that on your VERY first day using your pass you will also receive 30% off products on that day. 

So please ensure you have time to have a tour of the studio, ask questions, select your products, and purchase the first month of your pass while on your first visit. 

Please book this appointment as a “NEW GUEST SET-UP”

*Please note that Bronze Baxx does require all guests to only use Bronze Baxx lotions in our Laydown Sunbeds