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2018 Consumer Choice Award Winners

June 22nd 2018,

We are so thrilled to announce that we are the Consumer Choice Award winners for Best Tanning & Wellness Studio in Southern Alberta this year for the 3rd consecutive year!

Over the past 10 years we have strived as a company to bring you the latest in not only luxury tanning but also in wellness. We are so pleased to have brought in so many amazing new services for you over the years. We have grown our 5 locations far beyond tanning and now offer everything from Cryotherapy and Body Contouring to a full service IV Drip Lounge fully staffed with our team of naturopathic doctors.

Bronze Baxx always has been and always will be about confidence, customer service, luxury products and services and overall just feeling your best. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support we have received from Calgary and area over the years and we look forward to the next 10 years bringing you the latest and greatest in the industry.

Thank you Calgary!

Bronze Baxx Tanning 2

To learn more about our products and services or to find the location closest to you head over to our website


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12 Days of Christmas


Tis the season for eggnog lattes, twinkling lights, falling snow and giveaways. We love the Christmas season and we love our clients so we wanted to put together a special gift for you to show our appreciation. We’ve put together our biggest giveaway yet! Get your stockings ready for $3,000 worth of giveaway prizes! Say what?! We can’t tell you what our giveaways will be but we can tell you that you’ll want to be following us on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss anything!

We turned 10 this year and we want to roll into the new year in a big way so we’re counting down the days of December with a different giveaway each day for 12 days. We’ve put you on the nice list and are giving away all of your favourite Bronze Baxx products and services, you’ll just have to wait to see when! Make sure you share the news with your Baxx friends and friends that have never been to our studios. The more the merrier, right?

We just can’t get enough of the holiday spirit so we’ve teamed up with AMP 90.3 to share the celebration and bonus giveaways on the radio. You’ll have to listen to Katie and Ed’s morning show starting November 27th for your chance to win some amazing Baxx prizes – up your chances of winning when you follow us on social and listen to AMP radio. Word on the street is Katie Summers will be joining us for a little Cryotherapy session so stay tuned to our Instagram to see when that’s happening!

IMG_2531 copy

If you’re winning giveaways for yourself, you can come pick up gifts for the loved ones on your list at any of our studios. We have the perfect stocking stuffers for both men and women including tanning lotion, Cryo, skin care products, gift cards and so many other fun things. Whether you’re staying in Calgary or heading to the beach, make sure you stop by Baxx to prep for the holidays – get your gifts, tan, and skin hydration all in one place.

Excited yet? We can hardly wait until December! The holiday season is just the start of what’s to come in the New Year. There are big things coming soon to the studios – so stay up to date with the Baxx fam on social.

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How to Survive Stampede

Stampede is right around the corner and whether it’s your first Stampede or your 10th it’s still one of the most exciting times of the year here in Calgary. 10 days of events, drinks, dancing, concerts and late nights can have a serious toll on your body. So how do us Calgarians stay standing for all 10 days?

The Calgary Stampede is often referred to as the greatest show on earth. We have to agree that it is pretty darn great! So what is our secret to keeping our energy levels up during this 10 days of partying?

Step 1: IV Therapy
Getting IV Therapy is the best way to prevent hangovers – our liver detox was made for this – get it BEFORE you stampede to feel great, and last all day/night. To prevent a hangover we recommend coming in 2-5 days before you plan on going out for best results. Our liver detox rehydrates and replenishes you so you can wake up and do it all over again the next day! We offer a wide selection of IV treatments; our expert Calgary naturopathic doctors will help find the right one for you.

IV therapy is the most effective delivery system for essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. By bypassing the digestive system, we can give you higher doses of the good stuff and ensure 100% absorption – rather than the 40-60% absorption rates you’ll get from oral supplements.

The benefits of IV therapy include increased energy, enhanced mood, improved sleep, and decreased stress, to name a few. So book your session here before you hit the dance floor.

Our NEW IV hours! 
Monday 3-6pm
Tuesday 3-6pm
Wednesday 10-1pm
Friday 11-3pm
Saturday 11-2pm


Step 2: Hydration Station
If you do end up with a hangover this is a great way to sweat it out and recover quicker! Not to mention it’s like a mini spa session so you can relax for a little while and maybe even catch some much needed sleep. Come in for a hydration station! 30 minutes of Infrared for detox, moisture, and relaxation – an incredible way to curb/suffer through a hangover. This unique technology uses a combination of infrared light, radiant heat, steam therapy, liquid vitamins and vibrating massage to open your pores, rebalance your skin’s pH, rehydrate your body and detoxify your lymphatic system. Book your session here




Step 3: Vitamin B12 Shots
B12 shots for energy – are you working Stampede this year? We know first hand that means long hours and no sleep. Spending 15 hours on your feet until 4am isn’t easy so don’t let yourself get run down! It’s easy to let yourself get depleted while working in the service industry, or even just hosting or attending a lot of events. Pop in for a B12 shot anytime during our IV hours.  At just $30 This is a very cost effective way to get a boost and keep your energy levels up!




Step 4: Get a Spray Tan!
SPRAY TANS to be bronze the entire stampede! It’s important to feel good for stampede but it’s just as important to look your best! We suggest coming in Tuesday or Wednesday night before Stampede so it looks perfect for Friday. Then scrubbing it off the following Wednesday with our tan reset for a fresh spray on Wednesday so you are ready again for the last weekend of Stampede! Our tan reset is available at all 5 of our locations!
We Book up quick for the Wednesday & Thursday of Stampede so book your spray now!




Follow these 4 steps and we will have you looking great and feeling amazing for all 10 days of Stampede! Yee Haw! See you soon!

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Why you should Cryo with us!

When you first think of Cryotherapy you might think of professional athletes boasting about using it after practice and games or big name celebrities littering their Instagram with photos in the Cryosauna. But you don’t have to be rich and famous or endure day-long physical activity to see the value of Cryo. It is highly beneficial for regularly active people or if you have an injury to incorporate Cryo into your routine. Bronze Baxx offers Cryotherapy at our downtown location making it convenient to stop by for a quick treatment at lunch time or after work.




How It Works

We have a standing Cryosauna and we supply you with a robe (to get in the Cryosauna), slippers, socks and gloves (to wear during your session). Each session is three minutes long exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures of -150oC to -180oC using Nitrogen Gas.  It takes about thirty seconds for your body to start reacting when it realizes you might be in danger of freezing. It undergoes vasoconstriction and sends vast amounts of blood to key internal organs.

When you step out of the Cryosauna your body immediately re-circulates super-oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood which rids your body of toxins. We encourage our clients to use our Hydration Station or UV Tanning to warm up after.


Say goodbye to ice baths. Cryo essentially replaces the need to sit in a freezing bath for twenty minutes while providing more benefits. There are many benefits to Cryo from injuries to overall health and wellness. Here are a few of them:

  • Boost your mood, relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Pain relief from joint disorders or injuries
  • Reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and spasms
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increases metabolism and can burn up to 800 calories after each session
  • Improves post-surgery recovery
  • Improved collagen production

The benefits of Cryo exponentially outweigh the few minutes you have to stand in the cold. We offer cryotherapy at our downtown location on 4th Street. You can purchase a single session or a pack if you want to make it a routine. A single session is $65 and we offer packs of 5 sessions ($275), 10 sessions ($450) and 20 sessions ($800).

Come try Cryotherapy for yourself! Call us or book online.


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Big changes at Bronze Baxx Mission: Introducing the iDome

Over the last few months, we have been busy expanding our flagship location to offer our valued customers a fresh new look and some exciting new tanning beds and services! Let’s check them out.

NEW! The iDOME- 225 watt tanning bed

Bronze Baxx is proud to introduce this brand new Level 5 stand-up. The iDOME will help quickly eliminate pressure points and even out tan lines for stunning, all-over even colour! This super bed offers our clients some ultra-luxurious features, including:

  • iSound- MP3 Hook ups, loud speakers and sub-woofer so you can jam to your favourite tunes while you tan
  • Powerspot tan technology- adjustable shoulder, face, neck and upper body bulbs for full coverage
  • iSwing technology- slow rotation of the Powerspot bulbs to ensure an all-over even tan—helps eliminates shadows
  • iCool- air conditioning, ventilation, full body water mister and aromatherapy for a refreshing, cooling tan


Get a stunning 360º tan in this 8-minute stand-up tanning bed. The IDOME is available exclusively at Bronze Baxx Mission


NEW! The Hydration Station™ Spa

The Hydration Station is now available at Bronze Baxx Mission and at all five of our luxury tanning studios. We are obsessed with this relaxing spa session! Enjoy 20-minutes of advanced skin care, steam therapy, liquid vitamins, and infrared radiant heat temperatures of 47 º C. One session in this skin therapy pod will give you smooth, sexy soft skin and prepare you for a UV/spray tan like you’ve never seen before. Come warm up in this luxurious mini spa, and rescue your skin from the cold, dry winter weather!



The iBED has arrived at Bronze Baxx Mission, and we are now proud to offer this bed at all five of our luxury studios. This Level 5  is the perfect 12-minute UVB bed to help you build a gorgeous base tan and produce some Vitamin D. Enjoy luxury features such as, MP3 Hook ups, rotating adjustable facials, water misters, aroma therapy, shoulder tanners and more!


NEW! UltraShape®  fat-cell destruction and body contouring

Available exclusively at Bronze Baxx Mission, UltraShape® is permanent fat-cell destruction medical device, and is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. It uses focused, pulsed ultrasound for selective fat-cell destruction. There is no downtime, no cold, incisions, anesthetics or recovery time. It’s virtually painless and leaves no visible signs of treatment, so you can hit your UltraShape® appointment and then your spin class in that cute crop top the same day! You’re left with smooth, contoured results, often seen as soon as 2 weeks after your first appointment! It can be also used with our VelaShape®III services for optimal skin tightening and toning results!


Call or come on in to check out our new expansion or to find out more about our new beds and services!

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