We are thrilled to provide Cryotherapy treatments here in Calgary.

Enjoy this revolutionary treatment in the luxury comfort of our Bronze Baxx Mission location.

Appointments are every day of the week, & every hour that we are open!

No More Ice-baths…Ever!

Cryotherapy is a 2.5-3 minute session in a stand-up booth, exposing the body to -150—180 Degrees Celsius using Nitrogen Gas.

As your body is exposed to the extreme cold, it reacts by undergoing vasoconstriction and centralizing blood around key internal organs.

The blood becomes super-oxygenated and nutritionally rich and resupplies the entire body once a person is removed from the cold.

This reduces inflammation, provides a boost of energy and increases the body’s healing properties.


Health and Wellness

  • Experience a “happiness booster” due to rush of Endorphins
  • Pain relief from joint disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Decreased muscle soreness, spasms and inflammation
  • Alleviation of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and the effects of stress

Sports and Fitness

  • Reduced inflammation, swelling and pain
  • Enhanced energy and endorphin release
  • Improved muscle and motor unit activation
  • Greater testosterone levels in men

Weight Loss

When you’re living a healthy life and looking for an extra bit of a boost to reach your physical goals, Cryotherapy can be the added support you’re looking for.

  • Increases circulation and elimination of toxins from the blood and body
  • Boosts metabolic rate after multiple treatments
  • Resets the body’s natural metabolic level
  • Naturally increases the body’s metabolism to burn 500-800 calories the following 8 hours after each 3-minute treatment


  • Improved post-surgery recovery- up to 40% reduction in recovery time
  • Reduced pain & inflammation
  • Natural pain relief due to analgesic effects of endorphins released
  • Improved circulation to facilitate healing and removal of toxins

Beauty and Anti-aging

  • Improved collagen production which reduces visible signs of aging by helping to even skin tone and reduce cellulite & wrinkles
  • Reduces the damage of oxidative stress by increasing blood flow to the skin and removing unwanted toxins
  • Healthier complexion and the amelioration of skin conditions such as psoriasis, blemishes and acne


How long is a Cryotherapy Session?
Each whole body Cryotherapy Session lasts 2- 3 minutes depending how well you tolerate the cold.

Can I come straight from my workout?
Absolutely! Please let our technician know and we can provide you a towel to dry off – it is very important to be dry for your session.

How much is a Cryotherapy Session?


For All Access Passholders $40

Non Passholder $65

What do I wear?
Come as you are! We provide a Robe, socks and slippers. Men generally wear undergraments, however it is not mandatory.

Cryo sauna for whole body cryotherapy

How many Cryotherapy sessions can I do per day?
You can do a maximum of 2 per day – please consult our technicians for the best options for you.

How can I warm up after?
We encourage our clients to use our Infrared Pod, or a UV Tan to warm up after if necessary.

I’m getting an IV Therapy Drip – shouId do that before or After Cryo?
Cryotherapy should be done AFTER IV Therapy.

What is the minimum age for Cryotherapy?
Our minimum age for Cryotherapy is 14.

Who CANNOT do Cryotherapy?
If you have high or low blood pressure that is UNTREATED, pregnant, pacemaker or allergies to cold you cannot participate in cryo. If you have any blood disorders or heart issues, please consult your doctor prior to doing cryotherapy.