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UltraShape® vs CoolSculpting

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With so many advancements in body contouring, do you know which procedure is right for you? Below, we compare UltraShape® and CoolScupting to help you determine your best option for your fat reduction.

UltraShape® CoolSculpting
FDA-Approved non-invasive liposuction alternative FDA-Approved non-invasive liposuction alternative
Uses ultrasound technology Uses controlled freezing technology
Fast, one-hour treatment sessions Slower, two to six-hour treatment sessions
Results in as little as two weeks Results in about three months
Completely painless; no sensation Some discomfort; prolonged numbness can last weeks
Effective for larger problem areas and smaller, harder-to-reach spots Only effective for larger problem areas
Disrupts fat cells with ultrasonic waves, more similar to natural weight loss Freezes fat cells to kill them
No bruising or signs of treatment Some bruising after treatment