Over the last few months, we have been busy expanding our flagship location to offer our valued customers a fresh new look and some exciting new tanning beds and services! Let’s check them out.

NEW! The iDOME- 225 watt tanning bed

Bronze Baxx is proud to introduce this brand new Level 5 stand-up. The iDOME will help quickly eliminate pressure points and even out tan lines for stunning, all-over even colour! This super bed offers our clients some ultra-luxurious features, including:

  • iSound- MP3 Hook ups, loud speakers and sub-woofer so you can jam to your favourite tunes while you tan
  • Powerspot tan technology- adjustable shoulder, face, neck and upper body bulbs for full coverage
  • iSwing technology- slow rotation of the Powerspot bulbs to ensure an all-over even tan—helps eliminates shadows
  • iCool- air conditioning, ventilation, full body water mister and aromatherapy for a refreshing, cooling tan


Get a stunning 360º tan in this 8-minute stand-up tanning bed. The IDOME is available exclusively at Bronze Baxx Mission


NEW! The Hydration Station™ Spa

The Hydration Station is now available at Bronze Baxx Mission and at all five of our luxury tanning studios. We are obsessed with this relaxing spa session! Enjoy 20-minutes of advanced skin care, steam therapy, liquid vitamins, and infrared radiant heat temperatures of 47 º C. One session in this skin therapy pod will give you smooth, sexy soft skin and prepare you for a UV/spray tan like you’ve never seen before. Come warm up in this luxurious mini spa, and rescue your skin from the cold, dry winter weather!



The iBED has arrived at Bronze Baxx Mission, and we are now proud to offer this bed at all five of our luxury studios. This Level 5  is the perfect 12-minute UVB bed to help you build a gorgeous base tan and produce some Vitamin D. Enjoy luxury features such as, MP3 Hook ups, rotating adjustable facials, water misters, aroma therapy, shoulder tanners and more!


NEW! UltraShape®  fat-cell destruction and body contouring

Available exclusively at Bronze Baxx Mission, UltraShape® is permanent fat-cell destruction medical device, and is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. It uses focused, pulsed ultrasound for selective fat-cell destruction. There is no downtime, no cold, incisions, anesthetics or recovery time. It’s virtually painless and leaves no visible signs of treatment, so you can hit your UltraShape® appointment and then your spin class in that cute crop top the same day! You’re left with smooth, contoured results, often seen as soon as 2 weeks after your first appointment! It can be also used with our VelaShape®III services for optimal skin tightening and toning results!


Call or come on in to check out our new expansion or to find out more about our new beds and services!