Amanda Sadler

Assistant Manager – Bronze Baxx West

Her heart is as big as her smile, and our clients love Amanda’s special brand of customer care that leaves them feeling warm from the inside out. She considers herself a personal tanning trainer to all her clients, providing each and every client with that special “Bronze Baxx Experience”. Her knowledge and personal familiarity with all of Bronze Baxx’s products and services allows her to suggest a plan of action for her clients based on their skin type and their time line. So whether it’s a Hydration Station and spray tan combo, or planning out what beds you need to use for the next 6 tans for the best vacation glow ever, Amanda is focused on getting results for her clients.

With the company since 2013, Amanda loves being a part of team Bronze Baxx because she is able to work with like-minded and passionate women.

Amanda’s most unforgettable moment so far is marrying her husband on the beach in Jamaica surrounded by her friends and family.

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